Vans Syndicate for Streetmachine

[vimeo w=900]
Vans Syndicate for Streetmachine

We helped out our friends from Streetmachine with the campaign for their collaboration with Vans on a shoe line.
The three-shoe collaboration is based on the classic Vans Old Skool silhouette but with colorways
directly inspired by three iconic Copenhagen skate spots.

[vimeo w=900]”AMAGER STRANDPARK”

Sea, sand and skate meet at this haven of blocks, ledges and stairs,
located on a reclaimed island 15 minutes bike ride from the Copenhagen city center.

[vimeo w=900]”JAMMERS”

Jarmers is Streetmachine’s local city center hang out dotted with high, jagged ledges.

[vimeo w=900]WONDERLAND

Wonderland is a legendary bowl in the counter-culture heart of Christiania.
Legendary skateboarder Nicky Guerrero absolutely killed the bowl during the filming for this clip..


Cinematographer: Martin La Cour
Direction / Edit: Niels Borup @NIMB
Producer: Nick Bridge / Streetmachine
Skater: Magnus Kreiberg, Martin Lee and Nicky Guerrero
Client: Streetmachine & Vans