Together with Ford and Very, we’ve produce this short movie about rising Danish surf brand, Oh Dawn. Coming face to face with the everyday challenges that confront any entrepreneurial enterprise, Oh Dawn decided to make it even harder for themselves by starting a surf brand in an otherwise cold and often waveless country. Despite the odds, Oh Dawn have managed to reach levels of personal success through determination and sheer hard work.

True Award 2014 Nominations: Best Online Film, Best Director, Best Cinematographer and Best Editor

Client: Ford Motor Company
Agency: Very

Producer: Nick Bridge
Director: Niels Borup & Peter Skov Nielsen
Cinematographer: Niels Borup
Post Production: Niels Borup & Peter Skov Nielsen
Drone Operator: Lau Haslund Andersen
Sound Design: Morten Henningsen
Music: Morten Øland
Title Design: Aaron Schwartz
Animation Peter Skov Nielsen
Head of Content: Emil Asmussen