After the success of the film Worst Idea Ever, Dude for Ford and Very, we were commissioned to follow up and have put together this inspirational story of photographer Kenneth Nguyen. Despite a rocky upbringing and years of uncertainty, Kenneth has established himself as a well known photographer locally and internationally. This time we’ve teamed up with internationally renowned animation rockstars House of Radon.

We tell his story.

Client: Ford Motor Company
Agency: Very
Production Company:Bitchslap Media

Producer: Nick Bridge, Bitchslap Magazine
Director: Niels Borup & Peter Skov Nielsen
Cinematographer: Toke Mathias Riskæjr
Post Production: Niels Borup & Peter Skov Nielsen
Motion Director and Animation: Johan Alenius, House of Radon
Animation: Peter Skov Nielsen
Drone Operator: Lau Haslund Andersen, Mediatech
Sound Design: Sam, SuperSonic
Music and Speak Recording: Tom Jørgensen, Eyeball
Music: Morten Øland & Eigil Jørgensen
Head of Content: Emil Asmussen
Production Assistant: Tobias Jørgensen
Production Coordinator: Andrea Mark